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  1. A) He just wouldn't look her in the eye.

  2. C) cultural ignorance

  3. B) Increasing understanding of people of other cultures.

  4. B) A personnel training company.

  5. D) He must get rid of his gender bias.

  6. C) It helped him make fair decisions.

  7. A) He told him to get the dates right.

  8. very embarrassed

  9. inclusiveness

  10. differences and similarities


  11. D) She has always enjoyed great popularity.

  12. C) They are going to have a holiday.

  13. B) He was very courageous.

  14. B) Buy a new washing machine.

  15. D) He is not so excited about his new position.

  16. D) The man offers to drive the woman to the party.

  17. C) Finalizing a contract.

  18. A) She ordered some paper.

  19. B) He can no longer work at sea.

  20. A) She passed away years ago.

  21. C) She has never got on with her father.

  22. B) He is excellent but looks bad-tempered.

  23. C) Some of the packs do not contain any manuals.

  24. D) Solve the problem at her company's cost.

  25. A) Ideal.

  26. A) It is entertaining.

  27. B) They may catch some disease.

  28. D) Continue the feeding till it gets warm.

  29. C) He will lie whenever he wants.

  30. A) She made him apologize.

  31. D) Move furniture for her.

  32. A) The atmosphere they live in is rather unreal.

  33. C) He has too much to know the value of things.

  34. D) She has no time to do it herself.

  35. B) The worship of money, beauty and pleasure.

  36. concentrated

  37. information

  38. depends

  39. straight

  40. row

  41. suspected

  42. phenomenon

  43. efficiently

  44. Our second rule is this: it is better to study very briefly by often.

  45. Let's say you're trying to learn new but rather difficult English vocabularies using a stack of cards.

  46. The answer is: it is better to spread out the presentation of the words you are learning.


  47. M) require

  48. I) painful

  49. F) especially

  50. E) enormous

  51. H) mission

  52. D) enhance

  53. B) daily

  54. J) performance

  55. C) emotional

  56. A) closer


  57. A) It inspired many leading designers to start going green.

  58. D) quality organic replacements for synthetics are not readily available

  59. D) are gaining more and more support

  60. A) She doesn't seem to care about it.

  61. B) It has a very promising future.

  62. B) A person's hair may reveal where they have lived.

  63. C) Food and drink leave traces in one's body tissues.

  64. B) The water it delivers becomes lighter when it moves inland.

  65. A) A map showing the regional differences of tap water.

  66. C) It helps the police narrow down possibilities in detective work.


  67. C) income

  68. A) mostly

  69. B) Besides

  70. D) trend

  71. D) particularly

  72. A) While

  73. C) slipping

  74. B) if

  75. D) larger

  76. C) thanks to

  77. A) unique

  78. A) over

  79. D) decay

  80. C) launch

  81. B) widening

  82. D) general

  83. B) vehicles

  84. A) or

  85. B) predicts

  86. B) likely


  87. difficulty (in) catching up with his fellow classmates

  88. would not have been caught in the heavy rain

  89. more likely to gain/ put on weight

  90. What is not realized by many people/ What many people do not realize

  91. closely related to the lack of exercise





  完形填空部分基本上都是常见的搭配与表达,如果经常阅读外刊或者上点点论坛或者上过点点四六级,外刊班的话,你就会发现比如launch/issue a study/report, general support等等搭配都是很常见的,而且都是经常出现的.基本好的考生的完形填空错误一般不应超过5个.


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