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  1、第一题,describe the experience which has positive effect in your life.%


  Sample answer:(请勿抄袭)按照T+S+C的结构来组织,框架性可使论述更有条理和逻辑性。

  Topic sentence: The memorable experience which has positive effect in my life was my first performance in public.

  具体的支持细节:(Supporting details)This is my most exciting performance I have ever had. I stood on the stage and felt the warm waves from the audience. I could even feel the heavy beats of my heart in my throat. The sweat in my hand made my guitar strings wet. When the show began and the band started to play, I made a mistake in the first note so that I felt embarrassed. But soon, I began to relax and played better and better. I became excited when we reached the climax of the song, losing myself to the mood of the song and leave everything behind. Finally, the show ended successfully. The audience gave us prolonged applause and I felt nothing but pride at that moment. (根据语速删减过程,随后强调对你的积极影响)The experience gained from this show benefited me a lot. I used to be a timid girl, but the performance turned me more confident and braver. Besides, I enjoyed the feeling on the stage so much that I made up my mind to spend more time practicing my skills on instruments.

  Conclusion:So the show really exerted great impact on my life and I will cherich the memory forever. (结尾可依时间而定是否需要)

  要点提示:把不熟悉的话题转换成你熟悉的话题。精华提示:第一题通常要描述的是people, object, experience, space, study, game, media等。

  2、第二题,past events or current events, which is better or you prefer?

  推荐回答:如果选择current affairs,一定会有很多优点,



  4、第四题:阅读部分:理论为evolution of action, the plant or biology can adjust their behaviors based on evironment’s change, slowly or quickly.

  听力部分:one kind of plant, when the grass is long in the house yard, the plant grows on grass (quickly); currently, people like to cut the grass in their yard shorter, so the plant grows side way, takes hundreds of years (slowly).

  5、第五题:Summary: One party will be held before final examination, which has invited the best band to join, but the singer is sick, so, there are three options: playing CD instead, waiting for the singer to recover, or postponing the party in one week before the final examination, but the students might be busy at the test or some of them might go back home. Ask the problem, and you opinion?) g/ O. i1 J: o: E% c! _) U

  请注意:1,Describe man’s problem,2, Describe suggestions 3,Tell your preference 4, Explain why.

  6、第六题:the cues for customers when making decisions to buy products. Two factors: 1. the product’s quality, like taste, color. Some stores ask customers to taste the juice to see whether buy it or not, (internal cue: based on product itself). 2. Another cue is external, not based on the product itself, for example, put the product in the bottle, with colorful packages, and the customer decided to buy the product not based on the product itself, but the outer package.

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